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Smart Lipo in Houston

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For people in Humble, Spring and North Houston, Smart Lipo from The Vein Institute has helped them see significant changes in the contours of their bodies. We understand the frustration that comes with not being able to remove stubborn areas of fat no matter how diligent you are with diet and exercise. With this innovative treatment, we can help you see exciting improvements in those areas.

Traditional surgical liposuction, though generally safe, can pose some risks. Fortunately, this new procedure is much less invasive, and therefore a lot safer. In addition to this, it is highly effective! Only a local anesthetic is needed, and a laser targeted on the problem area is used to dissolve fat cells, turning them into fluid. The fluid does not need to be suctioned out, but is naturally drained from the body.

One very positive advantage of this procedure is that it promotes collagen production in the area that is treated. This naturally results in a smooth, tight look in that area. You will see immediate results, and they are permanent! Areas we can treat successfully using this procedure include the upper arms, hips, and thighs.

For Houston Smart Lipo, the right place to call is The Vein Institute. Here you will always be treated by friendly, knowledgeable professionals who care about your comfort and satisfaction. Payment plans are available for your convenience. Call today and ask about our free Botox treatment with this procedure.

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